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Archive for July 2017

  • The need for the explicit teaching of handwriting

    The explicit teaching of handwriting is a topic that has polarized the teaching profession for decades. Why do we need to teach handwriting in the day of digital communication? Does it really matter if students write without fluency and automaticity? The simple answer is YES! Legible, fluent handwriting is necessary for these reasons: Legal and […]


  • Trial our ‘New wave mental maths’ workbooks

    Standardized testing seems to be a source of dread for both teachers and students. But there are ways to make preparation easier! This week’s Friday Freebie allows you to trial our New wave mental maths series. Use these trial workbooks to gauge how your students are faring. Click on the image(s) below to download your […]


  • The importance of problem-solving and mental maths

      Why do we need mental maths? Is there still a need for it now that we carry a smartphone with a calculator on it everywhere we go? The short answer is yes! How can we encourage our students to become successful problem-solvers and undertake simple tasks involving maths if we don’t develop their mental […]


  • Tips for differentiating your lessons

    In the past, students who did not meet certain criteria were requested to repeat the year at schooling. Later research suggested that this caused an increase in social and emotional issues, including their relationships with peers, their self-esteem and their confidence at school. Nowadays, teachers are expected to cater to each individuals needs as they […]