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Art and Craft – Space

Alien creatures

tallaYou will need:
colourful modelling clay or plasticine™

Optional extras:
modelling tools, paper and pencils, pipe cleaners, wire

What to do:

Planet collage

You will need:
paints, 2–3 sheets of white cartridge paper, paintbrush, toothbrush, glue, scissors, pencil, compass or plates to create round shapes, various materials like cling wrap, foil, sand and crumpled paper to create interesting patterns on the planets.

Planets and starsWhat to do – Space splatter

What to do – Planets

Galactic mobile

mobileYou will need:
thick card, pencil, scissors, foil, glue, paint, large black marker pen, string or fishing line, paper punch, paintbrushes, compass or plates to create round shapes.

What to do:

(Note: Assistance may be required for younger students in some parts of this activity. Older students may like to create a mobile with a partner or small group. Substitute other space shapes if desired.)

Lunar landing

spaceshipYou will need:
bubble wrap, paints, toothbrush, paintbrush, crayons/pastels, scissors, pencil, glue, 2 sheets of cartridge paper or card, large black marker pen.

What to do – Background

What to do – Lunar craft