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Christmas Craft

Pop Stick Christmas Ornaments

Pop Stick Christmas OrnamentsYou will need:
pop sticks or tongue depressors, coloured/white paper, black fine-tipped pen, odds ‘n’ ends (e.g. scrap fabrics, ribbons, buttons, sequins, raffia, glitter, tinsel, glitter pipe-cleaners) for decorating, corrugated cardboard (for angel’s wings), strong glue and scissors

Students can cut out shapes to suit the Christmas character they wish to make from the coloured or white paper; for example, a white dress for the angel, a red suit for Santa, a hat for a snowman or corrugated wings for the angel. (Templates can be used for younger students to trace around.) Glue the basic parts on to make each character. Students can then use the ‘odds ‘n’ ends’ to decorate and complete their ornament, letting their imaginations guide them; for example, bows, scarves, buttons, hats, fur trim, belts etc. Attach the angel’s wings from the back with glue. Use the fine-tipped pen to add facial or special features where needed.

Attach a looped piece of tinsel or glitter pipe-cleaner to the back of the head as a hook to hang the ornament.

Stick characters can also be used as pop stick puppets. Using a simple stage, like a shoebox with the back removed, students can perform Christmas plays for their peers.

Small Hands Christmas Wreath

Small Hands Christmas WreathYou will need:
green construction paper, pencil, scissors, glue, odds ‘n’ ends (e.g. ribbons, sequins, glitter, coloured paper)

Students will need about 8 – 10 tracings of their open hand on green construction paper. Cut out the hand shapes. Arrange the hands in a circle with the wrists overlapping and the fingers pointing out. Glue into position to form a wreath shape. Students can then decorate their wreath using pieces of the ‘odds ‘n’ ends’ materials. For example, they could add ribbons, bows, small Christmas shapes (e.g. stars, presents, bows to trace from templates), glitter or sequins to complete their wreath.

Display around the classroom or send home as a keepsake for parents or grandparents. Date the back of the wreath with the child’s name, age and year.

NOTE: Younger students may need assistance with varying parts of this activity.

Rudoph the Red-nosed Reindeer

Rudoph the Red-nosed Reindeer

You will need:
coloured construction squares, white paper, black felt-tipped pen red paper or red pompoms, scissors and pencil

Students need to trace two hands onto a selected coloured sheet and one foot (with their shoe on) onto a different coloured sheet. Carefully cut out the shapes. Place and glue the hand shapes (fingers pointing out) either side of the shoe shape (heel end) to make the reindeer antlers. Draw (or trace around a template) two eyes on the white paper. Cut out and glue onto the foot shape. Glue on a red nose (either cut from red paper or a red pompom) to complete the Rudoph. When dry, use the black felt-tipped pen to finish the eyes of the reindeer.

Create a ‘herd’ of reindeer as a display around the classroom. This activity is also a nice keepsake for parents of the child’s hands and feet at that age (add the child’s name, age and the date on the back).

Snow Dome

Snow DomeYou will need:
One glass jar per child, plasticine, glycerine (100 mL per 10 jars), glitter, food colouring, bucket, jug. (Glycerine helps to suspend the glitter.)

Label jar and lid for each child.

Children attach a pillar of plasticine to inside lid (to lift their model above the jar neck). They create Santa (decorated tree or reindeer etc.) on pillar, checking occasionally that the jar still fits over it. Ensure the various components are firmly joined. Add some glitter to the jar.

Add 100 mL of glycerine and food colouring to a bucket of water. With a jug, pour this mixture into a jar and, holding it over the bucket, submerge model. Be sure there is as little trapped air as possible and then screw the lid on tightly.

Christmas Tree Hat

Christmas Tree HatYou will need:
red cardboard, 1 green pop stick, 1 green sparkly pipe-cleaner, 1 gold sequin star, a variety of small coloured sequins, curling ribbon, gold stars for decoration, strong glue, scissors and a stapler.

Christmas Bells

Christmas BellsYou will need:
egg carton, small jingle bells, gold or silver foil, skewer or darning needle, scissors, glue or tape, tinsel, ribbon or tinsel pipe-cleaners

Carefully cut out the raised sections of the egg cartons and trim the edges. Cover each piece with foil, making the surface as smooth as possible and tucking the ends inside the shape. (If needed, glue or tape down any loose edges inside – allow to dry.) Gently poke a hole through the top of each bell shape, using a skewer or needle. Thread ribbon, tinsel or pipe-cleaners through the hole. Attach a jingle bell to one end of the ribbon and gently pull it through the hole until the bell is hanging inside the shape. Make a bow or decorative shape to hang the bells from using the tinsel, ribbons or pipe-cleaners. Cut off any loose ends. Decorate the bells with sequins if desired, and hang as ornaments on the Christmas tree or around the classroom.

Christmas Stocking

Christmas StockingYou will need:
scissors, clear contact, clear plastic book covering, various colours of scrap cellophane paper, a small quantity of green cardboard, a small quantity of red crepe paper, curling ribbon, a needle with a large eye.