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Dangerous Dinosaurs

This three-lesson art project is adapted from a similar project found in Primary Art – Book D, and was inspired by the theme ‘Dinosaurs’. The students had been studying dinosaurs and were familiar with many of their characteristics. The use of textures is emphasised.

Lesson one




1. Following discussion and viewing of pasta shapes, students use pencil to draw a plan of a dinosaur onto A3 scrap paper. The students will need to identify the pasta shapes they wish to glue onto their picture to depict texture. Drawing a dinosaur shape may be difficult for some students, so teacher help may be required. Set aside shape until Lesson two.

2. Sponge paint land and sky using paint and ‘pat and lift’ technique on second A3 sheet of cardboard.

3. Print a grass/weed effect using the edges of scrap card. Set aside to dry.

4. Enlist adult help to mount background onto coloured card before Lesson two.

Lesson two



1. Using lead pencil, transfer or trace dinosaur shape onto background.

2. Using craft glue, attach pasta shapes in position. Use glue generously. Set aside to dry.

Lesson three



1. Using paint and brush, paint pasta shapes on dinosaur.

2. Glue goggle eye into position.

3. Set aside to dry.

Dianne Sterett, an experienced primary teacher and art specialist, is the author of the series Primary Art (A–G)