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Journey into space

SpaceboyHere is a fun way to discover your students’ prior knowledge about SPACE!

Children generally have a natural curiosity about the world around them. They enjoy finding out things for themselves and love to ask ‘why’ questions about what they see.

At the beginning of a new science unit, many teachers conduct ‘brainstorms’ or complete ‘What we already know’ charts with the class. The following activity is an interactive way to discover your students’ prior knowledge (and often misconceptions) about space and the universe. The activity allows students to be involved, role-play, use their imaginations and develop a positive attitude towards science.

Prior to the lesson:

Move the tables to the side of the room and position the chairs so that they are equally spaced. For a more realistic experience, students can make astronaut’s helmets out of cardboard boxes and aluminium foil. Have the helmets positioned on the chairs for the ‘astronauts’ to put on as they enter their spacecraft.

The lesson:

If available, have an adult helper record comments by the students that are of interest or are misconceptions. These comments can be used when programming a unit about space or to adjust a current program to suit the needs of the particular class.

Science Topic – Space