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Art and Craft Activities on the Me! Theme

1. Dough Face – Dough recipe

dough face(This recipe makes enough dough for one student. Multiply the quantities by the number of students.)


Mix all the ingredients together and knead to remove air bubbles.

2. ‘Me’ tile

painted faceThis activity may be completed using modelling clay in various colours or using a quantity of the dough recipe — see Craft 4. The completed dough tile must be cooked in an oven at 150 ºC for 11/2 hours.

You will need:
a quantity of dough for each student (or quantities of modelling clay in various colours), paint, plastic knives, water containers, brushes, square cardboard/paper template approximately 14 cm x 14 cm, oven

What to do:

NOTE: The paint may soak into the dough mixture a little and more than one coat may be required. Students may also need to allow each colour to dry before starting a new one.

3. Groovy Hands and Feet

hands feetNOTE: Younger students may need some assistance with this activity.

You will need:
fluorescent paper in four different colours, black felt-tipped pen, glue, scissors, A3 white paper.

What to do:

4. Portrait Grids

gridsYou will need:
A4 white paper (2 sheets per student), pencils, black felt-tipped pen, edicol™ dye, paintbrushes, scissors, glue, brightly coloured crayons, A4 black or dark coloured card, photocopier (optional)

What to do:

5. ‘Me’ Carving

fleshfacemaskaYou will need:
self-hardening clay, carving tools, plastic knives, runny clay mixture for attaching features, brown water colours or dyes, PVA glue

What to do:

NOTE: This activity may be completed using modelling clay. It may also be varied to create Maori or African carvings by adding extra details such as rows of lines or spirals to the face once the features have been added.

Students should be encouraged to exaggerate features such as noses, mouths and tongues.