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Oral Language Odyssey

Follow these steps –

boat1. Check your State or territory’s current outcome statements to find out what needs to be covered for Speaking/Talking and Listening; e.g. ‘Giving and following instructions’.

2. Decide on a journey that suits your class. It might fit a current classroom theme. How about a sea journey, a space journey or time travel? Reserve a special corner in the classroom that can be used for the oral language activities and decorate it to suit the type of journey; e.g. a ship’s sails attached to the wall and blue material on the floor to represent waves.

3. Divide the story of the journey into parts. A sea journey is used for the example below. This has been divided into five parts, but could be adapted to include more.

4. Using the outcome statements as a guide, plan your oral language activities for each story part.

A Sea Journey – example

Planning for the journey

Setting sail

The pirates