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The need for the explicit teaching of handwriting

The need for explicit teaching of handwriting

The explicit teaching of handwriting is a topic that has polarized the teaching profession for decades.

  • Why do we need to teach handwriting in the day of digital communication?
  • Does it really matter if students write without fluency and automaticity?

The simple answer is YES! Legible, fluent handwriting is necessary for these reasons:

  • Legal and application forms require legible handwriting.
  • University and high school exams require students to write quickly and clearly.
  • Not every member of our community has access to a computer.

Reasons why handwriting should be encouraged:

  • Improvement of fine motor skills
  • Promotes positive writing attitudes
  • Constant practise allows for the development of skills

Continued teaching of handwriting will avoid these common problems:

  • Incorrect letter formation
  • Lack of fluency and automaticity, often resulting in illegible and slow print script
  • Lack of coherency and consistency under time constraints

By developing a whole-school handwriting policy, teachers can be assured that students consistently progress at the appropriate rate and develop the handwriting skills necessary for them to progress in life.

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