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Algebra – Building Big Ideas

An introduction to algebra

This book is designed to introduce students aged 8 to 12 years to the mathematical concept of algebra and its place in everyday life. The appealing activities and problems are designed to give students the confidence to reach beyond their current experience.


  • an introductory teachers page, highlighting the ‘big idea’ to be investigated and a description of the activity, including the skills incorporated
  • two pages of teachers notes giving background information on the ‘big idea’ and comprehensive instructions for presenting the activity and the problems to be solved, a detailed explanation of the solution, highlighting the use of appropriate problem-solving strategies and reasoning and suggestions for extension activities
  • worksheets for the students to complete, indicating their understanding of the topic
  • a selection of useful transparency masters with instructions for their use
  • answers

There is a selection of problem-solving activities, ‘Puzzles for problem-solving’, to be used in conjunction with selected topics.

Developing Algebraic Thinking

What is ‘algebraic thinking’? Although there does not appear to be one agreed-upon definition, several common threads appear:

  • exploring and conjecturing about patterns;
  • formalising patterns;
  • verbalising relationships;
  • making generalisations;
  • symbolising relationships;
  • working with functions; and
  • making connections between real-world situations and algebraic statements.

Together, all these interrelated components form a framework for algebraic thinking. This book presents a resource that will allow teachers to engage their students in active exploration of components of algebra, helping to formulate a solid foundation for understanding algebra. Algebra contains detailed teachers notes and a wide range of activities, using number tiles to actively involve teachers and students.

Algebra – Building Big Ideas

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