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Beginning to Read

Uses Davidson and Wicking’s ‘100 most common words’

Each of the sounds in this blackline master is introduced one at a time, and accompanied by words selected from the list of Davidson and Wicking’s ‘100 most common words’ so that, in most cases, the child sees the sound selected in the context of a simple sentence, e.g. ‘I’ and ‘can’ are introduced with the letter Cc, so the children can see the sound that has been introduced in the context of a word.


  • designed to meet the needs of students in their first year at school
  • each task focuses on the child working independently and being rewarded for every effort made towards learning to read and write
  • the blackline masters incorporates two strategies in learning language: the age-old phonics program and the whole-language approach (seeing words in context)
  • the package can be used in all areas of language and development
  • teachers notes

We also have Essential Phonics – An Initial Sounds Interactive package.


Beginning to Read

Price: R210.00 each

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