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Best-Ever Narratives

Important factors in writing narratives

A skills approach is a teaching blackline master resource which addresses important factors in writing narratives such as conjuring feelings of delight, excitement and suspense, creating characters who engender feelings of empathy and writing that makes readers want to read on.

The focus of this inspiring book is on nurturing students’ ability to weave magic into their narrative writing. It provides simply written, easily understood explanations of how to teach them to do this. The activities are both interesting and practical and will appeal to students.


  • eight units to develop students’ understanding and appreciation of various aspects of narrative text, i.e. narrative structure, creating settings, creating characters, developing action, using imagination, developing expressive power, planning tips and revising and editing
  • practical assistance to enable students to enrich their narrative text writing
  • teaching strategies to enable students to use emotions, create interest, tension and excitement and create poetic images
  • comprehensive teachers notes
  • background information
  • suggested extension activities
  • worksheet information
  • indicators
  • answers where appropriate


Best-Ever Narratives

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