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Brain Teasers

Stimulating thinking

Brain Teasers is a series of three blackline master books – each containing a number of short, five-to ten-minute activities to stimulate thinking. Language-oriented activities are predominant, which encourages higher-level thinking skills. Other activities encourage creative thinking and problem solving.

Some activities include analysing meaning, analysing attributes of words, analysing relationships of words, synthesising rules and creating solutions. Others encourage flexibility, elaboration, originality, cooperative work and evaluating ideas.


  • a variety of independent and cooperative student activities
  • clear learner instructions
  • reinforcement of activities to develop thinking skills
  • learner self-evaluation on many pages
  • challenge’ activities on most learner pages (or groups of pages)
  • examples to illustrate learner activities
  • graphic organisers including Venn diagrams
  • ‘hints’ and ‘thoughts’ to direct student thinking
  • opportunities to track progress by scoring success on pages
  • answers, where applicable


Brain Teasers

Price: R210.00 each

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