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Class Cooking

Recipes from around the world

A child’s natural love of cooking is the motivational tool used to encourage further learning activities. Class Cooking is a blackline master which provides clear and concise step-by-step recipes from around the world. While the food is baking, children will be able to complete the related Language, Science, Maths and Social Studies activities.

For teachers, the recipes are designed to minimise time-consuming organisation. Children are involved in the whole process, including buying the ingredients and bringing the utensils. A student evaluation sheet is included to allow the teacher to evaluate and assess the children’s participation and enjoyment of these activities.


  • step-by-step recipes from around the world
  • information on the origin, historical and social significance, cost and budgeting, contents and taste, and the scientific process from ingredient to product
  • cross-curricular approach


Class Cooking - recipes from around the world

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