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Dice Activities for Subtraction

Develops fluency with the arithmetic operations of subtraction

Dice activities for subtraction blackline master was created by educators to engage learners in activities which develop fluency with the arithmetic operations of subtraction and the mathematical principles involved in thinking about subtraction in a multiple of ways. Eight sections provide subtraction practice in activities such as subtraction graphs and charts, table completion, rounds, patterns, subtraction bingo, hidden number, tic-tac-toe and four-grid tic-tac-toe games.

Dice activities for subtraction provides opportunities to:

  • develop the concept of the difference between two numbers;
  • develop the concept of ‘minus’ – removing a smaller amount from a larger amount;
  • develop fluency with basic subtraction facts;
  • reinforce number patterns;
  • develop game strategy;
  • explore the probability concept of chance; and
  • develop communication and co-operation skills by working in teams of two learners.


  • eight different dice activities
  • educators notes
  • directions
  • discussion points
  •  curriculum links
  • suggestions for ways to assist learners
  • objectives
  • lists of materials required
  • variations for each activity
  • a ‘hundreds chart’


Dice Activities - for subtraction

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