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ELF Teachers Guide

A step-by-step approach is suggested to ensure teachers and students get the most out of each ELF Reader.

These include:

• prereading activities;
• ideas to introduce the book;
• what to do when reading the book; and
• what to do when finished reading the book.

The text & features of each book are clearly outlined & include:

• the text itself;
• discourse structure;
• syntactic pattern;
• interest words; and
• basic words.

Blackline masters have also been included to support and reinforce the language treated in the ELF Reader. Activities are designed at the appropriate level and allow students to consolidate the information they have gained from the reading session. The blackline masters also provide teachers with the opportunity to assess each student’s comprehension of the text.


• Reading of the text
• One CD for each set of readers
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Elf Teachers Guide

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