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Maths Basic Facts – 1

Addition, Subtraction and Beyond

Maths basic facts is a comprehensive, stimulating and challenging interactive resource for educators wanting to develop a thorough knowledge of basic number facts in their learners.

Includes unlimited school licence


Maths basic facts has been designed to:

  • develop basic facts using a variety of mental strategies which can be reinforced using interactive games
  • take the learners beyond basic number facts and apply their knowledge to more complex, challenging problems.

Maths basic facts uses a four-step approach:

  • introduce the concept of addition/subtraction
  • teach the mental strategies to develop the concept
  • assess learner knowledge and understanding of the concept and the strategies
  • use interactive games for practice and development of fluency in the use of the strategies

Maths basic facts includes comprehensive educators notes to ensure the most effective use of the resource; maximising its full potential and educational value. They are introduced by a video presentation of the resource (delivered by the author) with accompanying on-screen notes which may be printed and used for reference.

The notes include explanations:

  • of the addition and subtraction concepts and the mental strategies used in the resource to develop them
  • behind the choice and use of the materials used in the interactive games
  • of the types of random-generated worksheets
  • of assessment checkpoints used to monitor learner progress and identify any problems and misconceptions.

The interactive games in Maths basic facts use simple materials found in most schools and homes so that the activities can be continued in group situations with learners physically handling the materials as they play.

This section provides:

  • interactive practice in the basic facts, using the chosen materials to generate calculations
  • on-screen, randomly generated worksheet practice in all the strategies used
  • checkpoint assessment in horizontal and vertical formats, including a timing option to adjust the level of challenge for individual learners
  • ‘Beyond basic facts’, offering examples at a more challenging level
  • support materials which may be printed and used as additional activities to enhance learner knowledge and understanding of basic facts.


Maths Basic Facts – 1

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