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Maths Facts, Fun, Tricks and Trivia

Entertaining reference book

What is a googolplex?
How can you multiply numbers by 25 in your head?
Why was the Apollo 13 NASA mission (launched on April 13, at 1313 hours) so unlucky?
This entertaining reference book, written by well-known author and mathematician, Paul Swan, exposes learners to a wide variety of fun maths facts, incredible trivia, ‘mathemagic’ tricks and much more.


      • ‘mathemagical’ tricks for multiplying large numbers, ‘reading minds’ and much more…
      • marvellous maths jokes and riddles
      • facts and trivia about the mathematical origins in every day life (such as calendars and April’s Fools Day)
      • optical illusions, impossible figures and entertaining art
      • reference book great for the classroom or home, written in child-friendly language

Author Profile – Paul Swan
Paul Swan has worked as a primary and secondary school educator and now works as a  educator at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia. He writes mathematics books in his spare time as well as presenting ‘mathemagic’ shows across Australia.


Maths Facts, Fun, Tricks and Trivia

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