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Numero Class Pack (15 packs)

Mental Calculation Challenges

What is Numero?

  • Numero is a game made for fun.
  • It was only after Numero had been played by many individuals and started to spread to schools that its educational value was realised. This is now a main feature of this great card game.
  • Numero provides a level of enjoyment that is shared across generations.
  • In its simplest form, it presents real mental challenges to young minds. In between, there is a variety of stages suited to everyone. The common link being that Numero is FUN to play.
  • Numero provides the mental gymnastics we all require.
  • Numero develops a wide range of mathematical skills, including basic number recognition, basic number facts, speed of recall, combining operations and problem solving (at later stages).
  • Numero introduces fractions, percentages, decimals and more complex mathematical concepts.
  • Numero can be played at many different levels.
  • Numero can be played by six-to-eighty-year-olds, mums and dads, university professors–anyone.

The game is played in developmental stages that allow the players to progress to their level of ability-or the teacher to direct players as a strategy to develop new concepts.

How to Play Numero

Numero is simple to play. Numero, at all levels, has only three rules. These rules govern all levels of play. In junior primary schools Numero is introduced in its simplest form and allows opportunities for students to develop very early number skills, as well as significant early problem-solving skills. Children as young as four have used Numero successfully and the developmental nature of the game allows students to develop to more complex stages at their own rate.

Free Download

Download a free copy of the Numero Instructors Guide. Download a professional development flyer.

Numero - mental calculation challenges

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