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Logic puzzles

This five book series of blackline master logic puzzles requires enquiring minds to use the process of elimination to find answers. Each puzzle categorises information and lists clues, with problems solved by students using the ‘cross out and circle’ technique. Each book includes 48 full-page puzzles with solutions. With a level suitable for use in all classrooms, starting at beginners and becoming progressively more difficult, students can pick up a pencil and sharpen their deductive reasoning skills with these challenging logic puzzles.

Perplexors are specially designed as challenges for students performing at the mainstream or as additional, fun tasks for more able students.


  • encourage students to use and develop their logical reasoning
  • great fun for students
  • especially suitable for more able students from middle to upper primary and secondary
  • suitable as a modelled class warm-up activity to get brains working or to be completed independently, specially by more able students
  • require students to use their deductive reasoning to eliminate possible answers
  • can be used as additional work for early finishers or as a take-home activity
  • 48 full-page blackline masters in each book
  • answers provided



Price: R210.00 each

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