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The Literacy Box Series

The Literacy Box Series provides supplementary materials to support the reading program of educators catering for the needs of all readers at each level in the classroom.

Each box contains:

  • 75 colourfully illustrated four-page cards, with texts covering a variety of genres and text types
  • 15 colour-coded sections (in the same sequence as The Comprehension Boxes)
  • 5 cards in each of the 15 sections, numbered (front to back) from 1 to 5
  • multiple-choice questions on three pages of each card
  • answer cards
  • educators guide


  • fully supports the English language curriculum
  • incorporates three levels of comprehension, word study and grammar questions in a multiple-choice format
  • assesses 12 different comprehension skills and pronoun references
  • features both fiction and nonfiction texts
  • includes cross-curricular activities
  • provides separate answer cards to allow the learners to work and progress at their own rate
  • comprehensive educators notes for each card with suggested speaking and listening, writing and viewing activities

Types of questions:

A variety of questions test the learner’s ability to use specific comprehension strategies to understand texts.

  • Literal questions are those which can be found directly in the text.
  • Inferential questions are implied in the text and require the reader to think a bit more deeply about what has just been read.
  • Applied questions require the reader to think even further about the text and incorporate personal experiences and knowledge to answer.
  • Many cards require the learners to relate pronouns to a noun in the text. Specific questions will assess the student’s knowledge of this relationship.

All about words
Multiple-choice questions about spelling, spelling rules, word building, word meaning, homophones and homographs are included in this section.

Specific language features are defined to assist learners to work independently to identify them and to make appropriate choices. Punctuation questions are also included.

Something extra
Extension work section focusing on writing production, research possibilities and activities that develop learners’ creative and imaginative skills.

Types of genres:

Fiction and poetry
• science fiction • horror/supernatural • mystery • fables • fairytales •fantasy • folktales • plays • adventure • humour • poetry including limericks • myths • legends • other narratives, including poems

reports • letters/emails • procedures • posters • expositions • descriptions • book reviews • explanations • discussions • retrieval charts • interviews

Recounts are used in both fiction and nonfiction texts.

The Literacy Box Educators guides

A comprehensive list of definitions in the educators guide provides a clear and concise explanation of each genre. The educator can choose to share these definitions with the class and encourage learners to use this information to identify each genre used on the literacy cards.

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