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Writing Prompts x 3

The Writing prompts box series is a high-interest three box series that provides supplementary materials to support the classroom writing program within the South African Curriculum English guidelines.

These high-interest cards encourage students to express creativity while learning how to write using a variety of styles.

Each box contains 200 durable, colourful writing cards, divided into three categories: imaginative, informative and persuasive texts. The cards can be used for independent work, whole-class discussions and small-group work, and most cards contain questions that will generate classroom discussion. Students may be assigned specific cards to work on independently or they may choose topics that interest them.


  • supports the South African English Curriculum
  • incorporates three levels of writing and is broken down into subsets within each genre
    Persuasive:  exposition
    Informative:  procedure, recount, report, narrative
    Imaginative:  narrative, poetry

Sample projects

Click on the images below to download a free sample prompt from each box in the series.

F1542-Writing-prompts-sample-1 F1542-Writing-prompts-sample-2 F1542-Writing-prompts-sample-3




Writing prompt box south africa

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