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Science Outside the Classroom

science-girlAllow your students to discover that science is everywhere by holding your science lesson outside the classroom. As children are naturally interested in their environment, lessons outside the classroom provide an excellent opportunity to maximise learning through student motivation and interest.

Science is Everywhere!

Planning Ahead

As with most aspects of teaching, planning is the key. Usually the amount of planning and forward thinking determines the degree of success of any lesson or task.

The Lesson

Ensure that the students understand the purpose of the task. Sometimes one activity can encompass a number of objectives, such as developing observational skills, reinforcing a concept and creating curiosity.

If students understand the instructions, are organised and focused on the task, optimum learning and enjoyment will follow.

Follow Up

Ensure students have the opportunity to talk about and reflect on their experiences outside the classroom. A follow-up lesson or ‘next day’ discussion will reinforce what they have seen and discovered and allow them to consolidate their ideas.

Suggested science activities for outside the classroom