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Welcome to the R.I.C. Publications website. It has been specifically designed to make it as easy and as enjoyable as possible for you to search and find the educational resources you need.

R.I.C. Publications  was established by teachers to provide a wide range of quality educational resources and classroom teaching aids for use in primary and secondary schools. R.I.C.’s ever-growing publishing list now exceeds 900 titles and includes learners workbooks, blackline masters, educational posters, merit stickers, interactive software and resources for touchscreens and interactive whiteboards.

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Since its humble beginning , R.I.C. Publications has grown to become a leading publisher of blackline masters and classroom teaching aids. R.I.C. Publications has established a reputation for providing practical and relevant resources for easy use by educators, homeschoolers and parents. This reputation continues to be enhanced by our ongoing publishing program and commitment to keep up with educational trends and teaching needs.

R.I.C. Publications publishes an extensive range covering a large part of the teaching curriculum, including: Mathematics, English, Science, Art and Craft and Society and Environment.

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