Publisher of blackline masters, workbooks and other classroom teaching aids

About R.I.C. Publications®

We are an South Africa-owned and operated publisher of workbooks, reproducible teaching resources (blackline masters), digital and interactive educational products, and other educational items for early years, and primary and secondary schooling
ACN: 009 207 550 – ABN: 34 009 207 550

About us

Established in 1986, R.I.C. Publications® was started by a group of educators who had identified the need for a wide range of top-quality supplementary resources for schools. With a publishing list that now exceeds 1000 titles—and with products sold in the UK, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, – R.I.C. has become a leading provider of practical and relevant educator resource products designed for direct use in the classroom.

Product summary

Blackline masters

R.I.C. Publications® has over 900 reproducible teacher resources in print, representing all areas of learning. The resources are well recognised by schools as being practical, easy to use, well organised, and as displaying a strong teacher input as to both authorship and design.

Student workbooks

The company produces a range of titles covering the teaching of English, mathematics and social sciences. A student workbook is a consumable product that is used by individual students. The books are purchased on an annual basis for whole classes or grades.

Educational posters and stickers

R.I.C. Publications® produces a wide variety of high-quality educational posters for many learning subjects. The company also produces many colourful and fun stickers for use by teachers with their students.

Digital and interactive resources

Many R.I.C. products are now available in a digital format for use in classrooms with computers and electronic whiteboards. Additionally, a range of interactive mathematics, language and handwriting products are available for teaching and for hands-on use by students.


R.I.C. Publications® is proud of its reputation as being a provider of high-quality educational resources. Drawing on the vast knowledge and skills of its employee base, R.I.C. strives to produce teaching resources that are relevant, practical and always have ease of use for the teacher in mind.


R.I.C. Publications® products are available through educational suppliers and bookstores.

Additionally, R.I.C. actively markets its products in the following territories: the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

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