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Primary Grammar and Word Study

An introduction to parts of speech and punctuation

Primary grammar and word study blackline masters are designed for primary learners as an introduction to basic concepts about parts of speech, such as adverbs, prepositions and determiners, understanding and choosing words, such as homophones, prefixes and antonyms, punctuation, such as exclamation marks, quotation marks and ellipses, and figures of speech, such as alliteration, similes and anagrams.

On each learner page, a new concept is introduced in context for learners to identify and then apply. Comprehensive educators pages provide information to support each learner page. We do have a digital version available.


  • four comprehensive sections
  • learner activity pages, each introducing a concept to be identified and applied
  • comprehensive educators notes for each learner page
  • a clearly identified focus stated on each learner and educators notes page
  • definitions of terms related to the focus
  • suggestion to support the use of each worksheet
  • ideas for further practice in English or other related learning areas
  • answers
  • checklists


Primary Grammar and Word Study

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