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The Comprehension Box Series

Original fiction and nonfiction text

The comprehension box series is a set of three boxes of comprehension cards. The boxed sets provide supplementary materials to support the reading program of educators catering for the needs of capable, independent readers at each level in the classroom.The cards feature both fiction and non-fiction texts (incorporating Society and Environment, Science and Health and Values) , which requires educators to ‘use texts from a wide range of genre and school subjects’.

Each comprehension box incorporates three levels of comprehension question cards in a multiple-choice format and assesses 12 different comprehension skills. Separate answer cards allow the learners to work and progress at their own rate while keeping a record for their own and the educator’s reference.

Each box contains:


The cards vary in difficulty, depending on the:

  • topic – interest and background knowledge;
  • conceptual understanding required;
  • age appropriateness;
  • artwork included;
  • number of words;
  • number of questions;
  • complexity of the questions;
  • complexity of sentence structure;
  • length of the sentences;
  • grammatical complexity passive or active verbs;
  • difficulty of the vocabulary; and
  • length of the text, as determined by the font size and return spacing.


Price: From R3,900.00 each

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