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Weather and Climate Seasons

lightningWeather as a topic in school opens up many interesting learning areas. Everyone experiences the weather and can recognise different types such as rainy, sunny or windy.

Activities and Ideas

Drawing different types of weather and identifying types of weather in literature, painting etc. How is weather used to create moods?


Other Resources at the Weather Bureau

The Bureau can send out an information pack for teachers, containing pamphlets on issues such as interpreting satellite images, climate variability, UV forecasts and recognising cloud types. One pack per class only – please call Public Affairs on (03) 9669 4564.

The main exhibition area is in Melbourne at Head Office, Ground floor, 150 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. Visits primary through to tertiary, maximum 30 students, one-hour visit. Bookings on (03) 9669 4564/4668. The Bureau of Meteorology also has many offices around Australia that conduct school visits and tours. Contact the Meteorological office nearest to you.

For Victorian schools we have developed nine Weather Kits that may be taken out on loan, with funding from the Victorian Department of Education, Employment and Training (DEET). Each kit contains 30 weather-related instruments, instructions and suggestions on activities and other resources. These will shortly be available through your regional science coordinator. Please contact the Public Affairs Office at the Bureau of Meteorology.

Other learning programs, references, and ideas are listed below.

Schools of the Pacific Rainfall Climate Experiment – http://www.evac.ou.edu/sparce/index.htmlflood

Monash Science Centre

Offers a number of programs, activities and resources, including school visits.
Details: tel/fax: 9905 1370